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About Us

nanyangNanyang Language and Business School Pte Ltd is a professional language and business School. The name was ‘Longitude and Latitude Education Centre’ in 1993 and was renamed to ‘Nanyang Language School’ in 2002. The name was changed to ‘ Nanyang Language & Business School’ in 2009, and has since been finalized to ‘Nanyang Language & Business School Pte Ltd’ in early 2010. The School boasts a group of outstanding academic and non-academic staffs as well as provides a good learning environment for students. The School adopts flexible teaching methods and has since cultivated quite a number of bilingual talents. The School has established a positive and influential image in South East Asia especially in Singapore, recruiting both local and international students throughout the year.

In addition to spacious, well-lit classrooms, a small-scale library is located in the corner of the reception area. A collection of books and reference materials are available to support the school’s academic programmes.

The head office of Nanyang Language and Business School Pte Ltd is located near Jurong East MRT, where there are many schools in the vicinity. The environment is conducive for both learning and studies. It is also easily accessible by any means of transport, with the bus interchange, MRT and regional library within walking distance. It is very convenient for shopping and dining.

For the past seventeen years, the School has cultivated many talents. All the teachers at our School have been registered with the Council for Private Education (Singapore). Not only do they have relevant academic qualifications, they are caring, responsible, and friendly as well. The teaching materials the School uses follows the latest syllabus set by the Ministry of Education and are constantly being revised. This is to ensure that students benefit the most out of it and pass with flying colours. All of our classrooms are air-conditioned and our School is computer equipped. Nanyang Language & Business School Pte Ltd strongly emphasizes on the syllabus set by the Ministry of Education of Singapore. The School also adopts the teaching styles and methods used in developed countries such as the U.S.A and Britain. Using flexible teaching methods in a small class size, students are able to improve their English proficiency within a short period of time. In addition, students can quickly adapt themselves to the English language teaching system in Singapore, laying a firm foundation for later development.

Jurong East Branch (Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 9am to 8pm)