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Our school conducts 2 different types of courses: Full-time courses, and Short-term courses. The course content conforms strictly to the MOE syllabus, and has been permitted by the CPE to be offered and provided under section 43 (1) of the Act, and the modules or subjects thereof.

Course Features
Our courses have a comprehensive curriculum, rich in new knowledge, in tandem with technology and the latest developments, as well as content updates.

Teaching Goal
Through our courses, students will obtain the basic concepts of the respective courses. They will obtain a solid foundation with practice of commonly used phrases, and proven learning methods which will pave the way for further study.

Course Curriculum Structure
Our curriculum structure allows us to learn and teach effectively based on school principles, while incorporating characteristics of interactive teaching. Our variety of teaching methods include:

  • Bilingual teaching:Our curriculum is based on the needs of different students, past experiences have shown that this method delivers excellent results therefore we strongly advocate this approach. This not only benefits the student-teacher interaction, but can also greatly enhance the student’s language levels.
  • Self-study and Conversations:For easier learning, students need to complete data reading and other exercises, self-study through discussions, self-evaluation etc.

Manner/Methodology of Teaching
Our course is classroom-based, however we also provide after-school supplementary exercises. Teachers will explain the main focus of courses and difficult points, adding relevant knowlegde outside of the curriculum, interspersed with some class discussion, for students to reflect on concepts and issues.

  • Manner of Assessment
    • The assessment scheme for modules in the School’s courses is standardised as follows:
      Class Test/Project / Assignment / Homework/ Attendance Written examination
      40% 60%
    • The class test/ project/ assignment/ homework/ attendance component may have sub-components if deemed appropriate by the teacher. These multiple assessments collectively help teaching staff to reliably establish the abilities and competencies of students.
    • Borderline fail cases will be reviewed appropriately. The student may justify his or her failure with the group of teachers concerned. Final decision will be made by Academic Manager.
    • A list of students who meet the requirements for a School award will be compiled at the end of each course. For a student to receive this award, besides meeting the course requirements for graduation, fees must be paid in full and the student must have a minimum overall attendance of 75% (or 90% for international students) for the entire course.
    • The concept of ‘progression’ to the next level does not apply to our School’s courses, as the students of the course will sit for the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS), an entrance examination organised by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), in hope to seek admission to a Government mainstream school at the beginning of the following academic year.
    • Students who have not passed their modules may submit an appeal for review of results using our school’s Results Appeal Form through the Administrative Manager stating their reasons. This appeal must be submitted within 1 week of the release of the exam results, together with payment of the required fee.
    • The School works within the following timeline for processing and releasing the final exam results and appeal results. a) Release of final exam results – within 4 weeks after completion of the final paper of the examination b) Release of appeal results – within 4 weeks from the official date of release of the exam results (or 3 weeks from the close of the appeal period)
    • A student whose appeal is unsuccessful may apply to the School to take a re-test with payment of a re-test fee. This application must be submitted within 1 week of the release of the appeal results. If the student fails the re-test, he must either repeat the module or take a new module in order to accumulate the required number of passed modules for graduation.
    • A student who chooses not to appeal may apply to the School to take a re-test, with payment of a re-test fee, within 1 week of the release of the exam results.