Our school conducts 2 different types of courses: full-time and short-term. The courses’ content conforms strictly to the MOE syllabus, and have been permitted by the CPE to be offered and provided under section 43 (1) of the Act, and the modules or subjects thereof.

Course Features
Our courses have a comprehensive curriculum, rich in new contents, in tandem with technology and the latest developments, as well as content updates.

Teaching Goal

Through our courses, students will obtain the basic concepts of the respective courses.

Course Curriculum Structure

Our curriculum structure allows us to learn and teach effectively based on school principles, while incorporating characteristics of interactive teaching.

Manner/Methodology of Teaching

A few of the methodologies used by the teachers in the delivery of the lessons are as follows: first, active learning that is done through interactive activities; second, team-based learning where students work together in small groups; third, discussions; and finally, journal writing.

Our courses are classroom-based; we also provide after-school supplementary exercises if needed. Those classes are scheduled after 4 p.m. and runs for at least an hour. The teacher-in-charge aids the learner/s in catching up with lessons by turning it into an opportunity where the students can ask or clarify matters/ points that they are not able to comprehend when the lesson is being delivered. Depending on the need of the student/s, additional exercises may be given by the teacher and, at the end of the lesson, the teacher goes through the answers with the student/s.


The learners/ students are evaluated on their performance based on monthly exams, worksheets, announced quizzes, class activities (pair and group work), and homework.


The Preparatory Course for Admission to Government Schools P2 – P5 has no graduation exercise. Students only need to finish the Modules and their requirements.