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Selection of students will be conducted at all times in an ethical and responsible manner. Course Consultant will provide documentation to prospective students and will disclose in full all of the arrangements between the School and student.

i)  Student must meet course admission criteria before he/she can be considered eligible for selection.

ii)  Administrative Manager is required to verify the originality and authenticity of documents submitted by student (if applicable)

iii)  Administrative Manager will issue a Letter of Notification

iv)  Course Consultant will inform student the outcome of application

Accepted student will receive the following:
i)  Letter of Offer
ii) Advisory Notes to Students
iii) PEI-Student Contract
iv) Pre-Course Counselling Booklet
If the student accepts the offer and agree to be bind by the PEI-Student Contract, the following documents must be sent to Nanyang Language & Business School:
i)  Letter of Acceptance
ii) All the duly completed and signed documents

General Student Admission Process