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Application Requirements

All prospective students have to submit the completed application form, together with all required application documents to Nanyang Language & Business School Pte Ltd.

Every student seeking admission to NLBS is required to sit for an entrance exam to assess the students’ language ability to succeed in his course of study. This is compared to the required level for the student. If required, a customised tuition service for a specific number of hours is proposed to bridge the gap.

A Letter of Offer will be sent to the prospective student to inform the student that their course application has been approved.

The Letter of Offer reminds them of important information that they had been briefed on at the time of application and that students should refer to the School’s website should they require further information. Students will again be reminded of this important information during the Orientation.

If the student is not in Singapore and requires NLBS to apply his/her Entry Visa, he/she shall make payment of the fees due. NLBS will mail the Entry Visa to the student once it is approved.

If the student requires additional services such as accommodation & airport reception, an advance notice of 2 weeks must be given and the payment of relevant fees shall be made beforehand.

Documents to be provided by International Prospective Students
1. The 4 notarised documents with English translation as follows:
(i) Notarised copy of applicant’s Birth Certificate
(ii) Notarised copy of applicant’s highest Education Certificate attained (existing students can request for a Verification Letter (to be notarised) from their current school)
(iii) Notarised copy of applicant’s Academic Transcripts
(iv) Notarised copy of applicant’s or his/her parents’ bank account statement. (saving period must be above 3 months & with a minimum of RMB$150,000 or equivalent)

2. Copy of the completed application form of Nanyang Language & Business School Pte Ltd

3. Passport-sized photographs of the applicant (2 photographs)

4. Applicant’s Passport profile page (photocopied)

5. Verification of the applicant’s or applicant’s parents’ annual income in English (includes job position, job nature, annual income, and the company seal. If parents are self-employed, please provide the relevant business license)

6. Photocopy of the applicant’s and/ or applicant’s parents’ proof of identification and bank account book.

If the student is above 19 years old, the above-mentioned 4 notarised documents must be authenticated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their home country or authorised bureaus of Foreign Affairs in the various provinces/ states.