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Medical Insurance

Insurance According to Singapore Council for Private Education (CPE) stipulation, it is compulsiory for student pass holder in private school to purchase medical insurance from January 1, 2010. We assists students to purchase medical insurance as follows:

Medical Insurance Provider: HSBC
Premiums: SGD $200/person/year
Period of Validity: One year since the entry date

Insurance Coverage: All students in NLBS will be covered. For hospitalization claims due to sickness or accidents, the highest limits is capped at SGD $20,000.

Note: The insurance coverage will be cancelled effectively on the day which the NLBS student ID card is cancelled. The premiums will not be refundable.

The contents of the insurance are as below:
– Daily cost of hospital bed usage (B2 wards or above in Singapore Government Hospital);
– Daily cost for ICU (capped at 90 days);
– Hospital miscellaneous service (Hygiene expenses, etc.);
– Daily doctors’ check-up fees during hospitalization;
– Pre-hospitalization consultation fees;
– Pre-hospitalization x-ray and laboratory test fees;
– Monetary assistance for accidents;
– Subsequent treatment expenses post hospitalization.

Note: The insurance company is only responsible for 10% of the total medical expenses if the hospitalization takes place in Singapore government hospitals premium ward or private hospitals.

Claims procedures :
For claims based on the contents in the insurance coverage, please proceed to the principal’s office to get the claims application form. After filling in the details on the form, submit to the principal’s office and the school will notify the insurance company for processing.

Procedures for purchasing of insurance:
This is a group insurance package which is directly signed by the school and the insurance company in contractual agreement. The insurance coverage will be effective once the student get his student’s pass, arrive in Singapore and pay his premiums. (Student will be covered in the duration of the insurance when he goes overseas).

Please make check payable to Nanyang Language and Business School Pte. Ltd.

For Nanyang Language & Business School’s Medical Insurance Certification,click the following pictures.

*Special notes: The above-mentioned medical insurance is the basic coverage as required under the law by the Singapore government. For students who wish to increase their scope of coverage, they are to contact the insurance company individually.