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Principal’s Message

Behind every success story is a tale of hard work and dedication that will astonish its audience. Although each of our paths to success may be unique, the common tools of perseverance in the face of hardship, and assiduity in the pursuit of dreams, will unite us on our scale towards greater heights of knowledge.

Students who choose to leave the comforts of a shared culture and language, to strike out on their own in a foreign country, sometimes without kin or kith, are confronted with anxieties they must constantly overcome. A few students may even fall sick while adjusting to our climate. Yet these students are oftentimes a particularly motivated, ambitious and driven group precisely because they have to adapt fast to new environments, and new teaching methods. A thirst for knowledge will serve them well in conquering physical and psychological barriers. With the right attitude in mind, I believe students will stay on the right path to success.

Nanyang Language & Business School Pte Ltd can help you bridge the gap between you and your highest aspirations. “All the world’s a stage”, and that is why you should showcase your capabilities to the fullest and unleash your potential.

Your future is in your own hands. Only if you do not fear, but bravely surmount the peaks and valleys of your learning journey with steady steps, then will you be able to attain your dreams.

The Principal, Teng Jia Shu