The School is dedicated to meeting Service Quality Targets for all school processes for the benefit of our students. Therefore we have set out a Grievance and Dispute Resolution Process in order to aid and welcome students in assisting us to improve ourselves through feedback.

  • The School accepts feedback or complaints in hard copy (e.g. letter or fax) or soft copy (e.g. email) from the public, staff or students. Upon receipt of the feedback or complaint, the Principal will direct the relevant manager or staff to look into the matter and to report back to him.
  • When necessary, the Principal discusses the feedback or complaint with the Management Team to draw learning points. The relevant manager then follows up with appropriate action to improve the School’s operations.
  • The School will give an acknowledgement or initial response to the feedback or complaint within 3 working days.
  • The School targets to resolve feedback or complaints within 14 working days.
  • On disputes, it is the School’s policy is to try to reach a fair and amicable solution (that is, a solution that addressed the grievance in a fair manner, acceptable to both parties, the student and the School).
  • The aggrieved party must submit his or her grievance in writing to the School.
  • The Principal will assign the relevant manager to establish the facts of the case and complete the necessary investigation within 7 working days.
  • The manager will decide whether the complaint/grievance is justified, and if so, offer a solution to the student.
  • If the student accepts the solution, no further action will be pursued except to record and file the grievance and solution.
  • If the student declines the solution, the grievance will be referred to the Principal who will review the case and offer a second solution. All these proceedings would be completed within 14 days and complainants are kept informed of the status.
  • If the student still refuses to accept the second solution before the maximum of 21 days, the School will propose that the matter be resolved through the Dispute Resolution Scheme of the Council for Private Education.
  • The Grievance Procedure which is included in the Student Handbook is shown in the figure below: