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Student Contract

Please refer to the CPE website ( for the Standard PEI-Student Contract in English. Chinese and Vietnamese versions are also made available for reference.

Procedures for Executing Student Contract

The procedure for executing the student contract is as follows:

A. The Standard PEI-Student Contract is a very important legal document between NLBS and the student. Each student contract will be given a unique contract number.
B. NLBS will explain the following contents of the student contract in English or in the native language of the student, where applicable.
1. Course information and Fees
2. Course information and Fees Refund Policy, including Refunds for Withdrawal with Cause and Refunds for Withdrawal Without Cause
3. Fee Protection Scheme by Escrow
4. Medical Insurance Scheme
5. Other information like how to apply for student’s pass
C. Students are required to sign two original sets of student contract and student will retain one original set for personal reference.
D. If any amendment is made which will change the original intent of the contract, the student and the school must sign beside the amendment(s) on both sets of the student contracts.
E. All entries must be made in the student contract (DO NOT leave blanks). Where it is not applicable, it must be filled with “not applicable or N/A”.
F. For new students enrolling, a cooling-off period of 7 working days will be given after signing the Standard PEI-Student Contract. Within these 7 days and regardless of whether the Course Commencement Date has passed, students can submit a written notice of withdrawal to NLBS and receive the maximum refund as given in the Refund Policy.