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Transfer and Withdrawal Policies

Transfer and Withdrawal Policies

  • NLBS allows students to withdraw from a course in accordance with its refund policy.
  • NLBS allows students to transfer from course X to course Y within NLBS for a transfer fee. This is treated as a withdrawal from course X (refund policy will apply) and a re-enrolment with NLBS into course Y.  NLBS may at its discretion give the re-enrolled student a discount on the course fee for Y.  The discount may be up to the unused portion of the course fee for X.
  • A transfer to another private education institution is regarded as a withdrawal from NLBS.
  • If the student is below 18 years of age, the parent or guardian’s approval for the transfer / withdrawal will be required.
  • A request to transfer to another course can be accepted if the student meets the admission requirements for the course he wants to transfer to, and there are available places in that course.
  • For transfers, the service target is to assess and reply to the student’s transfer request within 7 working days and to complete the transfer process within 4 weeks.
  • For withdrawals, the service target is to complete the process (including assessing and replying to student’s request, change of status of student’s pass, refund made to the student) within 7 working days.
  • Prospective students are briefed on the Transfer / Withdrawal Policy during pre-course counselling and later again during the orientation program. Full details of these policies are also available on the website and student handbook.
  • During the orientation, students are informed about the implications of the status of the student pass if international students transfer or withdraw from NLBS. They are told that:

if the international student withdraws from NLBS, NLBS would login to the ICA system to cancel the student pass. Upon cancellation, the student is allowed to remain in Singapore for a maximum of 30 days.

if the international student transfers to another course, NLBS would have to apply for a new student pass. They are warned that should ICA reject the application for new pass the international student would have to return home.

Students acknowledge their awareness of the transfer / withdrawal policy, and the implications of a transfer or withdrawal when they sign FRM-030 Student Orientation Checklist.